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Retreat Dharma Talks

Online Dharma Hall - October 2023

2023-10-07 (23 days) Gaia House

2023-10-07 Don't Think That Thoughts Block Meditation 59:41
Nathan Glyde
A guided meditation relating to sounds and thoughts equally, as happenings in sensitive knowing. Followed by a reflection of how we can exaggerate the necessity of a quiet mind in meditation. Suggesting here, too, freedom with might be better than freedom from. This session ends a bit abruptly as there was a call to enter a bomb shelter, but I felt there was enough here to upload. May all beings live in peace.
2023-10-08 Compassion Stills Hostility 1:24:12
Zohar Lavie
Compassion is how we walk this path of peace. "Hostilities aren’t stilled through hostility, regardless. Hostilities are stilled through non-hostility: this, an unending truth." DHP 5 — Trans: Thānisarro Bhikku
2023-10-28 Moment of Truths 1:13:52
Nathan Glyde
Is there one truth or many, or many views of it? How do cognitive biases bias the news? And how should we read our lives and the lives of others? And how can we find lasting happiness, connection, and meaning in an uncertain world?
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