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Retreat Dharma Talks

One Day Meditation Retreat - Equanimity

Equanimity is a quality of both love and wisdom, strength and awareness. It arises naturally through meditation practice, but is also sometimes misunderstood. Far from passivity, deep equanimity is an open steadfast heart, free from self-concern, enabling compassion to flow effortlessly.

In this day of practice, we invite equanimity as an experience and an attitude. Tuning into its value and flavour, can motivate our meditation practice, but also change our relationship with life. For it becomes embodied precisely through meeting the challenges and ups and downs we inevitably encounter.

The day includes periods of sitting, walking and standing meditation (or lying if your body needs to), and is suitable for all levels of experience.

2023-09-14 (1 day) Gaia House

2023-09-14 Opening Talk for Meditation Day on Equanimity 23:30
Gavin Milne
2023-09-14 Instructions & Guided Meditation - Gathering & Settling the Mind 34:27
Gavin Milne
2023-09-14 Walking Meditation Instructions - Continuing to Gather the Mind 11:44
Gavin Milne
2023-09-14 Guided Meditation - Breathing 26:27
Gavin Milne
2023-09-14 Dharma Talk - Equanimity & Sailing the Oceans of Conditions 30:55
Gavin Milne
2023-09-14 Guided Meditation - Standing & Sitting, Supporting Equanimity 11:58
Gavin Milne
2023-09-14 Further Reflections on Equanimity, Guided Equanimity Meditation, Closing 25:54
Gavin Milne
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