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Retreat Dharma Talks

Training for Life

A nine day meditation retreat with Ajahn Sucitto

2023-11-24 (9 days) Bandar Utama Buddhist Society

2023-11-24 Training for Life 34:54
Ajahn Sucitto
A retreat is a training for life. It’s simple but hinges on careful sustained attention on useful frames of reference. What is worth giving prolonged attention to?
2023-11-25 Puja - entering the blessed 28:39
Ajahn Sucitto
Puja/ honouring the sacred creates conditions for awakening. The group effort adds enormously, focusing on values and liberation, offering the opportunity to share an ongoing and ancient transmission.
2023-11-26 Puja - Path of Fulfilment 23:47
Ajahn Sucitto
Moving into a new day, puja creates openness and sanctuary, recollecting the meaning of ‘Buddha’.
2023-11-26 Feeling 53:46
Ajahn Sucitto
The teachings reiterate cultivating the knowing of contact – that Is, what is felt internally, externally and as the internal and external worlds meet.
2023-11-26 Q&A 66:30
Ajahn Sucitto
00:13 Q1 Sense restraint and diligence in daily life: I'm motivated to practice when there's suffering, when life is fine I slacken off and indulge in sense pleasures. Please advise. 28: 14 Q2 Questions on sleepiness: How to deal with sleepiness on waking up in the morning? I take a lot of caffeine to avoid sleepiness. Is there an alternative? How can I be mindful all the time? 40:46 Q3 When I sit the body collapses and the energy required to straighten the body makes it hard to feel relax. Any advice? 44:44 Q4 I have a compulsive need to feel liked and even try and force people to like me. What can I do? 52:55 Q5 Nama rupa vinayana (name form and consciousness). Can you explain more about this please?
2023-11-27 Managing feeling and sankhara 53:16
Ajahn Sucitto
Vedana/ feeling is a primary source of intelligence, where things first impact. By knowing what penetrates and moves you, you can understand the mainspring of motivations and reflexes.
2023-11-28 Q&A 47:06
Ajahn Sucitto
Questions are précised - 00:22 Q1 How to practice mindfulness of death? 16:27 Q2 We take in the world through the five senses. If we do not hear or see any news does that mean things, like the war in Gaza, are not really happening? 28:07 Q3 How do we know whether a kalyanamitta (spiritual friend) is trustworthy? 29:44 Q4 I get tension and constrictions in the chest and other places. I often get frustrated with this. Perhaps I am too preoccupied with it? 37:23 Q5 I am eager to understand imbalances – like jealousy and comparison - and to break through them quickly. What is your advice? 44:01 Q6 How can one influence or talk to other people about other views, like politics for example?
2023-11-30 Q&A 45:01
Ajahn Sucitto
Questions are précised: 00:00 Q1 Can you please distinguish between citta anupassana and dhamma anupassana. Which frame of reference should one apply to such contemplation? 28:43 Q2 During mindfulness of breathing, I find vichara (sensing and evaluating) to be an issue. How can I strengthen vichara? 35:47 Q3 I am a project manager, and there is a lot of planning and decision making. Is this a sankara? How to do so wisely and skillfully?
2023-12-01 Q&A 50:36
Ajahn Sucitto
Questions are précised: 00:10 Q1 Can you clarify the analogy of dhammas you gave using the orange. 07:16 Q2 Can you speak more about the desires tanha and chanda? 21:46 Q3 Regarding breath meditation, should one focus on breathing sensations rather than the subtle body? 27:51 Q4 When the mind becomes unified, do I stay and let go of the breathing as the mind unifies, or should I watch the breathing in the background? 32:46 Q5 Sometimes I reach an awareness that feels so alien that I pull back. 34:09 Q6 How does one forgive oneself and handle regrets? 42:14 Q6 When helping others how do we decide when to stop helping? 44:24 Q7 How can we handle feeling inferior? What leads to the sense of unworthiness? 49:34 Q8 My body has pain in every position and it’s hard to meditate. What can you suggest?
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