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Retreat Dharma Talks

Foundational Skills of Attention and Samadhi (online series)

How meditation unfolds and deepens depends on a number of basic skills of attention. These include things like the ability to direct the attention to an area of one’s experience, developing a steadiness and continuity of mindfulness to allow it to rest with a single object, the development of a delicacy of attention and sensitivity to the whole body of sensations, being able to notice different qualities of wellbeing through the experience of the body, as well as all the tools needed to work with the variety of hindrances that will inevitably arise.

These skills play an important role in all kinds of practices from mettā and compassion to working with the breath as well as developing insight into the nature of things. On this course we work with cultivating and strengthening these basic skills of attention and samadhi in relation to the body and the breath both in formal practice and in one’s daily life.

2023-10-04 (43 days) Gaia House

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2023-11-15 Week 7 - Guided Meditation on Moving Skilfully Between Different Ways of Looking 40:45
Juha Penttilä
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