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Cultivating the Empty Field

Hybrid Retreat: Online and In person - Our experienced reality is a weave of consciousness – of feelings, impressions and responses that interact and co-arise with a world that seems to be outside us. However, in Buddhism, ‘self” and ‘world” are aspects of an interconnected cosmos. This cosmos is a field within which we can cultivate sacred, Dhamma qualities that heal, harmonise and empty the field of grasping and its consequent suffering.’ This retreat was open to practitioners with previous experience of at least 3 meditation retreats.

2024-02-21 (6 days) Dharmagiri Sacred Mountain Retreat

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2024-02-25 The empty field 30:28
Ajahn Sucitto
Here volition stops and we can examine what normally clogs the heart. We discard the endlines and deadlines. Observe conditionality without becoming.
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