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The greatest gift is the
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Retreat Dharma Talks

Meeting Life with Courage & Compasssion

Opening to the multiple challenges of our times and the demands of our personal life can feel overwhelming. It requires us to keep stretching our heart and staying responsive to inhabit different perspectives. At times, we may feel the need to challenge and take a stance. Can we see this as a precious invitation to cultivate and bring forth the very best in us, to step into the beautiful potential of being truly human?

During our time together we explore what nourishes and sustains us on this journey, allowing us to more fully express our love and care for this life and this world.

The retreat is situated within the silent Insight Meditation tradition, and offers elements rooted in the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh, such as communal walking meditation “Walking as One”, “Deep Relaxation” and “Touching the Earth” bowing practices.

2024-03-16 (5 days) Gaia House

2024-03-16 Welcoming Ourselves and Each Other onto the Retreat. 63:19
Kirsten Kratz, Dene Donalds
Opening session for the retreat.
2024-03-17 To Wake Up Together – Bringing Body, Heart and Mind into Position. 63:11
Kirsten Kratz, Dene Donalds
Reflections & meditative suggestions.
2024-03-17 Welcome and Acceptance as Liberating Stances 63:28
Kirsten Kratz, Dene Donalds
2024-03-18 Lying Down Meditation - Being Received by Ground 43:00
Kirsten Kratz
2024-03-19 The Heart-mind Creating Separation, the Heart-mind Knowing Non-separation 51:35
Kirsten Kratz
Reflections followed by guided contemplations, and a guided practice reflecting on the shared quality of all of experience.
2024-03-19 Compassion & Equanimity 66:25
Kirsten Kratz, Dene Donalds
2024-03-20 Touching The Earth 24:07
Kirsten Kratz
Guided practice.
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