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Retreat Dharma Talks

Knowledge From the Present Moment

In our lives and in the world we try to make everything a known quantity. We name, categorise, map experience and develop theories. This learnt knowledge is valuable and has its place, but in the process of insight practice it can limit us. In direct knowing we can connect to the present moment, develop our intuitive understanding of ‘how things are’ (Insight) and find more peace and ease.
In this retreat we explore the dynamic between learned knowledge and direct knowing – the understanding that only comes in the immediacy of the moment. We contemplate how learned knowledge and direct knowing can enhance or limit each other, and how to find the balance.

2024-05-31 (4 days) Gaia House

2024-05-31 Opening Talk for the Retreat 58:24
Alan Lewis, Laura Bridgman
2024-06-01 Guided Meditation 25:32
Alan Lewis
2024-06-01 The Attitude of Non-Resistance 43:39
Alan Lewis
2024-06-02 Three Ways of Knowing, and the Hindrance of the Inner Critic 22:28
Laura Bridgman
2024-06-02 Letting Go of the Do-er 36:29
Alan Lewis
2024-06-02 Being and Doing (continued) 35:12
Laura Bridgman
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