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Retreat Dharma Talks

From Awareness to Wisdom: Exploring the Mind

This course will explore the nature of consciousness, awareness and wisdom. Inspired in part by one description of the path as “sudden awakening, gradual cultivation,” we will consider the dimension of freedom that is inherent in the mind as well as progressive aspects of deepening this understanding. This retreat, open to both new and experienced meditators, will feature instructions and talks somewhat different from other insight meditation courses, highlighting perspectives from various lineages and traditions.

2008-03-14 (10 days) Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

2008-03-15 The Attitude Of Awareness 54:07
Guy Armstrong
The right attitude for meditation is one free from greed, aversion and delusion. The talk also defines some key terms in practice: consciousness, mindfulness, awareness, and wisdom.
2008-03-17 Sudden Awakening, Gradual Cultivation 57:27
Joseph Goldstein
Working with doubt and aversion in the context of the nature of awareness.
2008-03-18 Morning Meditation "Big Sky" 44:33
Joseph Goldstein
Morning Meditation "Big Sky"
2008-03-19 Awareness Is Like The Unconditioned 61:34
Guy Armstrong
This is a condensed version of two earlier talks in 2008: “The Five Aggregates” from January and “Consciousness, Awareness & Nibbana” from February.
2008-03-21 The Buddha's Song Of Awakening - "Achieved Is The End Of Craving" 60:13
Joseph Goldstein
A discussion of the painful fires of craving and the experience of awaking.
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