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Retreat Dharma Talks

Entering the Sacred: Monastic Retreat

Western nuns and monks from the Thai Buddhist monastic tradition offer an insight meditation retreat each year at IMS. The 2008 course will focus on "Entering the Sacred"- accessing an awareness that supports and balances the body, heart and mind. Retreatants are asked to observe the eight monastic precepts, which include abstaining from eating after noon each day, and to participate fully in the daily routine of sitting, standing and walking meditations. Group practice will begin every day with an offering of flowers, light (in the form of candles) and fragrance (incense), as well as chanting to the Triple Gem.

2008-05-02 (10 days) Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

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2008-05-07 Morning Meditation 8:30 AM 62:37
Ajahn Sucitto
2008-05-08 Evening Dharma Talk - Questions And Answers 1:18:57
Ajahn Sucitto
On Karma, awareness and practice in daily life
2008-05-08 Clear And Release: Samatha And Vipassana 26:16
Ajahn Sucitto
Samatha and vipassana work together to reveal a clear awareness. This is to be liberated through sustained inquiry.
2008-05-08 Relaxing Into The Deathless 59:28
Ajahn Sucitto
Primary awareness is not fully liberated but can be released through relinquishing the will to be. This is explained from different perspectives
2008-05-09 Taking The Practice Home 55:12
Ajahn Jayanto
Tips towards expanding our practice to encompass the whole of our lives.
2008-05-10 Evening Dharma Talk - Energy, View, Samatha/Vipassana 1:11:48
Ajahn Sucitto
2008-05-10 Morning Instructions 8:30 AM 64:22
Ajahn Sucitto
2008-05-11 Universal Well Being Chant And Closing Talk 38:04
Ajahn Sucitto
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