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Retreat Dharma Talks

Insight Meditation 1-month Retreat

2008-02-01 (29 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2008-02-13 Metta, Tenderness And Connection 60:06
Guy Armstrong
Metta practice makes the heart more sensitive. This tenderness becomes the avenue for us to discover our deep connectedness to all of life and end a sense of isolation.
2008-02-14 At The Still Point Of The Turning World 61:06
Howard Cohn
Exploring the concept of time and the way our reality is colored by the views of time that obscure the inexhaustible resource of the present moment.
2008-02-15 Joy Ushers In Calm 60:36
Heather Martin
By welcoming joy we become content, so we relax, thus letting go of the need to do something - anything about it - thus calming down. Inner and/or outer joy facilitates the shift from doing to being - from trying to letting go - crucial steps on the path to awakening.
2008-02-16 Coming Out Of The Fog Of Delusion 56:31
Sally Armstrong
The distortion of delusion operates in many ways, including when we are disconnected from our direct experience, or only allow in information that doesn't challenge our deluded state of mind. Learning how to recognize when delusion is distorting our experience allows us to wake up out of its spell and discover clarity and peacefulness.
2008-02-18 Equanimity: The Eye Of The Storm 63:28
Howard Cohn
The culmination of the Brahma Viharas, the ten paramis, and the factors of awakening. Equanimity allows us, like the Buddha, to 'sit in the middle'. Moment to moment mindfulness brings balance and openness to meet our joys and sorrows.
2008-02-20 What Actually Is The Truth? 58:48
Heather Martin
How this truth-telling practice is a process which reveals ever deeper levels of what really is so. In this way, what we mistook for real is seen through and released, over and over again, leaving - what?
2008-02-21 Unity Of Emptiness And Compassion 60:51
Carol Wilson
2008-02-22 The Four Reminders 69:07
Howard Cohn
We have the opportunity to make something of this precious life, that has such fortunate conditions that can also quickly change. The seeds we plant have results. Orienting ourselves toward the Dharma can free us from the samsaric loop.
2008-02-23 Big Mind Meditation 43:33
Howard Cohn
A version of Joseph Goldstein's Big Mind meditation using bells and reminders to allow your mind to be like a clear empty sky and allow the different experiences to arise and pass without interference.
2008-02-25 Faith And Wisdom 55:43
Heather Martin
Two of the five Spiritual Faculties. Exploring: -What we actually believe in, rely on, value. -The difference and sometimes distance between knowledge, ideas, beliefs and wisdom - the integrated absorbed and deeply understood truths.
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