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Retreat Dharma Talks

February 2007 at IMS - Forest Refuge

2007-02-01 (28 days) Insight Meditation Society - Forest Refuge

2007-02-02 Samvega-Spiritual Urgency 53:24
Marcia Rose
What moves you towards spiritual practice? We are stirred and moved and inspired to practice through various experiences that goes on within our own body-mind process and by phoenomena that goes on in the world around us. Listen to stories of people being stirred to a sense of samvega-spiritual urgency from the time of the Buddha, right up to stories from our time-now.
2007-02-10 The Body In The Body-The First Domain Of Mindfulness 63:40
Marcia Rose
Paying attention...a non-judgemental, non-manipulative, non-grasping, non-rejecting, kind of attention to the body in the body...just the body as such...not one's feeling, ideas, concerns, or interpretations about it. How do we know the body? How are we established in this first domain of mindfulness? Are you looking in the right place and in the right way for the happiness that you are seeking?
2007-02-16 Mindfulness And Transformation Of Emotional States 1:15:39
Marcia Rose
The Buddha offers us a recipe for cultivating a strong and clear mindful attention that's grounded in kindness and patience that meets the experience of the moment and sees it clearly, just as it is. We can learn to experience afflictive emotions without getting caught up or swept away and overcome by them. It's as though we learn to see them so clearly, that we see through them, just like we see through the colors of a rainbow.
2007-02-23 Through The Looking Glass-The Reality Of No-Self 61:54
Marcia Rose
Can we look into the clear mirror of the dhamma? Can we face the "looking glass" with a willingness and humility and keep looking into this mirror of our 'self' without interpretation or judgement? It is only then that we begin to see and know the impersonality of presently arisen thoughts, censations,feelings and states of mind. Can we keep looking until we begin to experience and know that it's not all about "me" and teach the heart/the mind of freedom.
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