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Retreat Dharma Talks

Path of Liberation


2007-07-13 (9 days) Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

2007-07-14 Freeing The Heart And Mind From Hindrances 50:42
Fred Von Allmen
How to skilfully work with the five hindrances
2007-07-15 Wisdom Of Boredom 48:04
Christina Feldman
Boredom is one of the mental states most difficult to understand yet a familiar companion in our lives. Boredom has much o teach us about the sources of wakefulness and is a doorway to understanding calm and equanimity.
2007-07-16 Freedom From Fear And Anxiety 56:55
Rob Burbea
This talk explores in detail the tools and approaches we can develop to work skillfully with fear in our lives, both those fears that are obvious and those that are more hidden. There is a genuine possibility of liberation from the power that fear seems to have to constrict us
2007-07-17 The Three Principles Of The Path 39:03
Fred Von Allmen
Cultivating renunciation and letting go, kindness and compassion and insight into the empty nature of things.
2007-07-18 Intimacy, Acceptance And Release 45:25
Christina Feldman
In the path of liberating our hearts we learn to be intimate with all things. This talk focuses upon the power of aversion to create alienation and division and the power of mindfulness to uproot ill will.
2007-07-19 The Abundance Of Generosity 42:40
Fred Von Allmen
Opening to the connecting and liberating power of generosity
2007-07-20 Nibhana 46:31
Christina Feldman
The 3rd Nobel Truth the Buddha describes as the heartwood of the path. This talk focuses on the insights and renunciations that liberate the heart.
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