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Retreat Dharma Talks

September 2003 at IMS - Forest Refuge

2003-09-01 (30 days) Insight Meditation Society - Forest Refuge

2003-09-03 Liberation Through Non-Clinging 63:10
Joseph Goldstein
2003-09-07 Mindfulness As A Factor Of Enlightenment 1:12:04
Marcia Rose
Mindfulness is needed in all instances. It has the capacity to connect with and accept whatever phenomenon is presenting itself at any of the six sense doors without judgement, evaluation or the attachment of self-identification. Mindfulness is the "mother" of all the factors of enlightenment. It offers the great intimacy with experience that is needed for the door of truth to open.
2003-09-11 Fear 64:52
Joseph Goldstein
2003-09-15 Investigation As A Factor Of Enlightenment 56:27
Marcia Rose
The Buddha's invitation to us is "to come and see" for ourselves what is true. Investigation is the "activity" of mindfulness. It's the activity of discernment. It illuminates the object. When things are brightly lit, what is already present is then clearly seen and known, and confusion is dissipated. "EHI PASSIKA" "Some and See" investigation is the active aspect of mindfulness. It brings a clear discernment of our body-mind experience. Investigation is what lights up the truth for us.
2003-09-21 Joy And Tranquility As Enlightenment Factors 49:31
Marcia Rose
Spiritual joy-bliss-rapture makes the mind/the heart bright, light, pliable, and open. It's rooted in our practice along the way of this journey to awakening. This bright and buoyant energy of mind and body helps to inspire and sustain the effort that is needed for practicing. The bright and buoyant energy of joy, this "lightness of being", and the arising calm and quiet of a tranquil body and mind are essential aspects and fruits of this path along the way to awakening.
2003-09-29 Seven Factors Of Enlightenment - #5 Tranquility And #6 Concentration 62:34
Marcia Rose
The enlightenment factor of tranquility, the calm serenity that begins to evolve out of the connection, interest and joy in seeing things more directly and clearly, brings a quieting of the disturbances of mind and body. Tranquility prepares the mind for deepening concentration, which is the 6th enlightenment factor. With a strengthening of moment-to-moment concentration, clarity and insight arise quite naturally.
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