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The greatest gift is the
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Retreat Dharma Talks

October 2004 at IMS - Forest Refuge

2004-10-01 (31 days) Insight Meditation Society - Forest Refuge

2004-10-01 The Journey from Fear to Fearlessness 63:21
Myoshin Kelley
2004-10-04 Why Metta? 55:31
Marcia Rose
Exploring through stories--old and new--the unifying energy of metta, this most subtle and powerful energy. Why and how is the capacity for an unfettered unconditional connection in relationship to ourselves and others essentially necessary for our dharma practice and in the whole of our life? A question with many obvious answers and some surprising answers that show up as our practice unfolds...a talk telling of exemplary stories.
2004-10-08 What Makes Mindfulness A Spiritual Practice? 59:06
Marcia Rose
Exploring the great intimacy of mindfulness…where and how and why do we establish a true present- moment attention.
2004-10-15 Impermanence: A Gateway To Liberation 60:40
Myoshin Kelley
2004-10-19 The Great Blessing Of Our Precious Human Existence 46:01
Marcia Rose
Exploring some of the breadth and depth of the great blessings of our precious human existence, in light of our life itself being the most precious and rare opportunity to practice the Dharma of awakening.
2004-10-22 Dukkha As A Gateway To Liberation 56:34
Myoshin Kelley
To be a human being is fraught with challenges. This talk explores some of the different ways in which we experience unsatisfactoriness to help us to learn to depersonalize our suffering.
2004-10-25 Just As It Is 48:34
Marcia Rose
2004-10-28 Compassionate Wisdom 56:39
Myoshin Kelley
2004-10-31 Through The Looking Glass - The Reality Of No-Self 60:08
Marcia Rose
As long as we are resideing and clinging to the realm of "I","ME","MINE", and other, we are residing somewhere next door to reality & it creates great suffering. We can look into the mirror of the dhamma and see the painful contraction that accompanies"ME"&"MINE"&"THEIR'S" and let go & come to know the truth of interconnectedness & the reality of no separate, no solid, no static "self", and take the great relief & ease in this truth.
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