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Retreat Dharma Talks

Scientists Retreat

2009-01-11 (8 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2009-01-12 Stories About How Mindfulness Works 45:34
Sylvia Boorstein
Stories about wisdom - how knowing profoundly that everything is changing, that our experience is created by myriad factors beyond our control, that acceptance and compassion create a peaceful mind - and how mindfulness creates that wisdom - paying attention
2009-01-13 The Science Of Meditation For Scientists 46:30
Diana Winston
2009-01-13 Metta Guided Meditation 37:58
Trudy Goodman
2009-01-15 Working With Strong Emotions 45:51
Trudy Goodman
2009-01-15 Death Reflection 52:52
Wes Nisker
2009-01-17 Presentations In Neuroscience #1 39:30
Sylvia Boorstein
Johnathan Schooler-UCSB; Stuart Eisendrath-UCSF; Lisa Lindeman-U.Wisconsin; Liz Wang-Changchi U. Taipei, Taiwan;Carmen Schooler-U. Maryland;Peta McAuley-Hong Kong
2009-01-17 Presentations In Neuroscience #2 31:43
Sylvia Boorstein
Koren Wright- Argosy U., Phoenix, AZ;Chad Johnson-U. Oklahoma; Kendra Markle-Kaiser: Daniel Levinson-U.Wisconsin; Larry Greischar-U. Wisconsin; Michael Haggerty-UC Davis
2009-01-17 Presentations In Neuroscience #3 29:04
Sylvia Boorstein
Melissa Rosenkranz-U. Wisconsin; Praveen Chopra-private; Paula Sigafus-Kaiser; Sarah Bowen-U. Washington; Jim Saveland-US Forest Service; Michael Warren-Claremont Graduate U.; Francis Haberli-U. Wisconsin;Charlie Thompson-U. Washington
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