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Retreat Dharma Talks

The Path of Engagement, Retreat 2

This is the second of five retreats in the Path of Engagement Program, an in-depth 2-year program intended to help participants connect their individual spiritual practice with their work, service and action in the world.

2007-11-11 (8 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2007-11-12 Compassion 46:28
Adrianne Ross
Compassion as a verb. Blocks to compassion and ways through.
2007-11-14 The Transformative Process In Engaged Practice 43:01
Donald Rothberg
It is helpful to identify four broad phases of transformation, whether in the context of intensive meditation practice, everyday life, or engaged practice in the world: (1) building resources (perspectives, tools, methods, the ethical “container”); (2) opening to and honoring our suffering; (3) coming to see in a new way; and (4) the integrative work of stabilizing, grounding, and expressing our insights and learning as we go forth into the world.
2007-11-16 The Abode Of The Body: Mindfulness And The Body 53:15
Ann Masai
Following the Buddha's direction about using the body as a mindfulness tool, we discuss many techniques for practice.
2007-11-17 Cultivating Joy & Equanimity In Engaged Practice 60:42
Donald Rothberg
2007-11-29 Wise Attention 65:43
Carol Wilson
The Buddha spoke of wise attention as the tool that uproots the underlying tendencies of our minds that cause suffering. This talk discusses various means the Buddha taught for practicing wise attention.
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