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Retreat Dharma Talks

Contemplating Peace: A Holy Day Retreat

As we move into the traditional holiday season, this silent insight meditation (Vipassana) retreat will offer time to contemplate the 'holy' or sacred. In addition, it will provide an opportunity to center or compose ourselves in the simplicity of being. Practicing mindfully and compassionately, we will explore the teachings of liberation and freedom.

2009-12-15 (6 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2009-12-16 Footsteps of the Buddha: The Highest Happiness is Peace 60:51
Howard Cohn
The Path of Practice seen through prism of the Buddha's Life; updated but similar to talks on Happiness.
2009-12-17 The World Was Made to Be Free In: Mindfulness as the Path to Freedom 44:39
Pamela Weiss
This talk explores the Buddha's path to awakening, his encounters with Mara, and the power of Mindfulness.
2009-12-18 "I am a Bad Meditator": Seeing through the Illusion of Self 62:09
Eugene Cash
How mindfulness works with the construct of self - exploring the dynamic between self and not self.
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