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The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Retreat Dharma Talks

Retreat @ Melbourne

1991-01-01 (5 days) Khema Archive (Buddhist Summer School - Melbourne - Australia)

1991-01-01 Introduction to Meditation 55:45
Ayya Khema
1991-01-02 Calm and Insight; Contemplation 49:17
Ayya Khema
1991-01-03 Recapitulation of Calm and Insight; Loving-Kindness Meditation; Sharing of merits 56:47
Ayya Khema
1991-01-04 Mindfulness of Feeling: Love and Compassion 1:17:35
Ayya Khema
1991-01-05 Mindfulness of Mental States and Thought Content; 5 Hindrances 1:31:55
Ayya Khema
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