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Retreat Dharma Talks

New Year's Insight Meditation Retreat

This is a traditional insight meditation (vipassana) retreat format with sitting and walking in silence, and time for individual interviews. Teachers give daily dharma talks and systematic meditation instructions. We will celebrate New Year's Eve with a late evening sitting and simple ceremony.

2007-12-26 (10 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2007-12-27 Don't Underestimate The Breath 52:37
Eugene Cash
Mindfulness of the body has the breath at the center and includes all four postures, movement, speaking, listening, feelings and all activity. We can practice mindfulness of the breath and also mindfulness with the breath - developing an enlarged awareness. This practice can take us all the way to enlightenment.
2007-12-28 How And The Quality Of Mind 58:40
Gil Fronsdal
By knowing oneself through how we relate to experience shows us how to develop the freedom of mind
2007-12-29 Leaving Your Comfort Zone 53:10
Sharda Rogell
2007-12-31 The Alchemy Of Release 47:48
Eugene Cash
The Buddha describes how the intoxication with youth, health and life fell away. What allows for our intoxications to fall away? How does letting go happen? How do we cultivate awareness, kindness, presence and understanding that allow for the alchemy of release?
2008-01-02 The Path Of Dukkha Or The Path Of Sukha 50:31
Sharda Rogell
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