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The greatest gift is the
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Retreat Dharma Talks

Retreat @ Mount Eliza

1991-01-01 (5 days) Khema Archive (Mount Eliza - Australia)

1991-01-01 Dukkha as our Teacher Loving Kindness - Best Friend 1:26:56
Ayya Khema
1991-01-02 5 Daily Recollections; Mindfulness of the Body 1:32:21
Ayya Khema
1991-01-03 Meditation Factors vs. Hindrances; Loving-Kindness Meditation 1:26:56
Ayya Khema
1991-01-04 Taking Refuge and Precepts; Cultivating the Opposite 1:32:32
Ayya Khema
1991-01-05 Food Reflection; Symbolism of Shrine; Daily Practice; Loving-Kindness Meditation 45:10
Ayya Khema
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