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Retreat Dharma Talks

The Mysterious Way of the Heart: Where Wisdom and Compassion Meet

This retreat focuses on the embodiment of wisdom and compassion. Through the cultivation of samadhi (a gathering of our heart, mind and body energies), we establish a healing foundation for insight into our mistaken identification with patterns of self. As structures of the self are gently released from grasping and aversion, our heart knows the emptiness and peace of its original nature. Authentic, compassionate response and intuitive understanding arise, and the non-dual nature of emptiness and appearance is recognized.

2010-03-05 (10 days) Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

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2010-03-11 Just A Handful Of Leaves 41:28
Awakening through reflection of the four Truths. The five focuses of the grasping mind. The Khandas and non self. A taste of peace.
2010-03-11 What Remains? 47:54
Support for insight. Turning to the deathless. The unborn. Language gives a sense of thing-ness. The waves and depths of the ocean are all water.
2010-03-12 Noticing The Context 39:36
Practice of the 3rd Noble Truth. Meeting pattern of self.
2010-03-12 Noticing The Context. 59:25
Practice of the 3rd Noble Truth. Meeting patterns of self.
2010-03-13 Immeasurable Abiding. 41:25
Wisdom and compassion emerge from this one mind. Metta and its eleven attendant blessings. Guided meditation on radiancy of metta.
2010-03-13 Still Forest Pool 62:52
Refuge within daily life. Dissolving the salt crystal of obstruction. Gestures of offering. Patience as supreme practice. We're not going anywhere.
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