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The Way Things Are: Uncovering The Deep Truth of Experience - Sat. PM
2015-04-04 The Way Things Are: Uncovering The Deep Truth of Experience - Sat. PM 1:28:12
Martin Aylward
Meditation practice is a way of directly and intimately exploring life in the laboratory of our own hearts and minds. In cultivating and deepening our practice, we learn about our inner compulsions and contractions, learning to soften and release them. Simultaneously though, meditation also reveals to us the nature of reality, the way life is, how experience forms and impacts on consciousness. This evening and day with Martin Aylward will focus on some of the more difficult aspects of Buddhist teaching, offering ways to make these profound subjects accessible and even obvious. Martin will lead us experientially into teachings on ‘emptiness’, ’suchness’ and the fluid, ephemeral nature of experience, pointing us towards an immediate and intimate understanding of these deep and important themes. We will learn together how to approach the deep nature of experience, and how the contemplation of these themes transforms us, bringing together the personal and impersonal aspects of Buddhist practice.
New York Insight Meditation Center

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