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Mindfulness of Feeling Tone
2015-05-29 Mindfulness of Feeling Tone 1:21:39
Martine Batchelor
During this talk I would like to explore mindfulness of the feeling tones (vedena), which is the second foundation of the practice of mindulness. First I will try to present the different aspects of mindfulness. Secondly I will try to define feeling tones and thirdly how to be mindful of them. The Pali term vedana refers to the affective tone of experience. When we come into contact through one of our six senses with the environment, we experience a pleasant, unpleasant or neither pleasant nor unpleasant feeling tone. It is important to see that feeling tones are constructed, they are not a given, they do not reside in the object we come in contact with. It is vital to be aware of feeling tones as they arise extremely fast and have a profound impact on our behavior.
New York Insight Meditation Center

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