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The Ten Paramis
2009-01-27 The Ten Paramis 18:39:06
Rodney Smith
The Ten Paramis, or the ten perfections, are the ten qualities of character that can be developed to support the path of awakening. The Paramis can be seen as attributes of awareness itself and also as cultivated states that will enhance our lives. (Two talks given on each Parami.)
Seattle Insight Meditation Society
Ten Paramis: Generosity (1) 45:46
The power of generosity and how to access it by releasing what obscures it. The talk explores the difference between generosity and resentment.
Ten Paramis: Generosity (2) 56:24
Generosity and total self-acceptance. We will not explore the causes of selfishness until we are generous with ourselves.
Ten Paramis: Virtue (1) 58:46
Virtuous behavior comes spontaneously with interconnectedness. When we see from oneness, there is no impulse to hurt.
Ten Paramis: Virtue (2) 64:04
Understanding why we contract and the limitation of that perception. Are we broken and need to be fixed?
Ten Paramis: Renunciation (1) 57:49
Pausing to see what is important, and appreciating the space the pause offers.
Ten Paramis: Renunciation (2) 54:44
Renunciation is releasing what is not true and no longer needed.
Ten Paramis: Wisdom (1) 47:41
How to activate the innate intelligence of presence.
Ten Paramis: Wisdom (2) 65:13
The fearlessness of wisdom and the willingness to hold our place on the earth for the learning that comes.
Ten Paramis: Energy (1) 63:27
Energy is free and open, but the sense-of-self resists that open energy and distorts it towards its needs.</div>
Ten Paramis: Energy (2) 61:51
Suffering leads either to contraction and further distortion of energy, or connection and release of resistance.
Ten Paramis: Patience (1) 49:07
Patience is not waiting for something to end, but living fully through every event.
Ten Paramis: Patience (2) 60:35
We cannot talk about patience without investigating the reality of time.
Ten Paramis: Truthfulness (1) 54:52
Truthfulness of body, speech, and mind is the willingness to release all forms of self-deception and is the lynchpin to dharma growth.
Ten Paramis: Truthfulness (2) 42:58
Honesty is defined by our ability to acknowledge distortion without pretension, uncover pain without projection, and face facts without defensiveness.
Ten Paramis: Resolve (1) 58:20
Resolve comes naturally from the love of the truth and responds appropriately to balance inequality.
Ten Paramis: Resolve (2) 60:23
Ultimately resolve is the willingness to hold one's ground and expose everything.
Ten Paramis: Metta (1) 55:03
To love all beings we must love all aspects of our own mind and body experience.
Ten Paramis: Metta (2) 58:50
To know love as stillness is to embrace the world unconditionally.
Ten Paramis: Equanimity (1) 56:46
Equanimity is a balance between the relative sorrows and ultimate perfection of the world. It is a full embrace of life as it is, without disturbance.
Ten Paramis: Equanimity (2) 46:18
There are a number of ways to incline the mind toward the discovery of equanimity. Each perception of equanimity has a training explored in this discourse.

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