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Outside The Box
2003-11-16 Outside The Box 1:13:06
Thanissaro Bhikkhu
Metta Forest Monastery
Outside The Box: Outside The Box 17:42
We can’t wait for the issues of the world or our own lives to get settled before we start looking for peace, because peace is the way out. THBH_C9.01
Outside The Box: Changing Your Mind 15:25
Your promise to yourself to follow the path and your willingness to look very, very carefully at events in the mind is what allows for growth in the practice. In spite of the teachings on impermanence, there are certain unskillful habits that can be dropped for good. (Date estimated) THBH_C9.02
Outside The Box: Shifting Your Paradigm 17:42
The mind’s filing system—its set of labels for fitting things into pre-set molds before filing them away—is often a major cause of trouble. Meditation involves changing the system in two ways: thinking your way into a new way of seeing things, and looking more carefully at the raw data of experience. (Date estimated) THBH_C9.03
Outside The Box: The Four Bases Of Success 22:16
If you’re the type of person who takes pride in doing a job well, you’ve got many of the psychological attitudes you need to meditate well. Meditation done with properly focused desire, persistence, intentness, sensitivity, powers of analysis, and imagination opens up all kinds of possibilities. THBH_C9.04

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