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Refractions: Of Body, Sensuality, and Sexuality (Part 3)
2017-02-15 Refractions: Of Body, Sensuality, and Sexuality (Part 3) 1:13:11
Rob Burbea
PLEASE NOTE: This series of talks is intended for experienced practitioners who have already developed some understanding of and working familiarity with practices of emptiness, samatha, metta, the emotional/energy body, and the imaginal, as well as basic mindfulness practice. In particular, it is strongly recommended that before approaching this set you study and work with the material from the following talks and series: The Theatre of Selves (Parts 1 - 3); Approaching the Dharma, Part 1 (Unbinding the World), and Part 2 (Liberating Ways of Looking); the three-part series Questioning Awakening, Buddhism Beyond Modernism, In Praise of Restlessness; Image, Mythos, Dharma (Parts 1 - 3); An Ecology of Love (Parts 1 - 4); The Path of the Imaginal (Longer Course); and Re-enchanting the Cosmos: The Poetry of Perception. Integrating that previous material and also taking the talks in this new set in their intended order will, for most, support a better and fuller understanding of the teachings from this course.
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