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Buddhist Studies Course - Week 1 - The Five Hindrances
2017-07-10 Buddhist Studies Course - Week 1 - The Five Hindrances 1:27:49
Mark Nunberg
This seven-week course examines the Buddha’s teachings on the five hindrances that undermine the clarity and stability of mind. These afflictive states are often regular visitors for meditators. With practice, sense desire, aversion, dullness, restlessness, and doubt can be more quickly recognized with a non-judging awareness in a way that neutralizes their disturbing and obscuring effect on the mind. Developing these skills goes to the heart of calming the mind and living in a skillful and compassionate way Here are some study resources that you can use: -Gil Fronsdal’s new book, Unhindered: A Mindful Path Through the Five Hindrances, is now available. Of course, you can order a copy through Amazon. But you could support one of our local independent book stores. I have asked Moon Palace Books at 3260 Minnehaha Ave, Minneapolis (612) 454-0455 to order some copies for us. It might take them several days to have them in stock. I'll send an email when they are in. Gil's book provides a detailed discussion of each of the five hindrances. The book also provides instruction on how to turn the light of mindfulness directly on the hindrances so to transform them from obstructions to steps along the path of freedom. Overcoming the hindrances reveals the beauty of our hearts and the wisdom of a clear mind.
Common Ground Meditation Center Buddhist Studies Course - The Five Hindrances

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