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3 Kinds of Intention
2018-09-27 3 Kinds of Intention 58:57
Sally Armstrong
3 Kinds of Intention To develop any skill, to fully cultivate any qualities in our lives, particularly on the Buddhist path, we need to engage with three kinds of intention that operate on different time frames. Cetana is the moment-to-moment intention, the urge to do, that we can bring into the field of our mindfulness practice. The next level, Adhitthana, is usually translated as resolve or determination and is one of the paramis. The highest level is Samma Sankappa, right or wise intention. This is the second path factor, after right view, so it is the kind of intention developed by right view. There are three kinds of Right intention - the intention towards renunciation, non-ill will, and non-harming. These skillful intentions can then inform our choices and actions (Adhitthanas), which we keep in mind through awareness of moment-to-moment intentions, or cetana.
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