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The Three Characteristics - part 3: No-Self
2008-11-19 The Three Characteristics - part 3: No-Self 49:12
Tara Brach
At the center of the Buddhist teachings is the understanding that the passing phenomena of this world--sounds, sensations, thoughts, bodies and minds--have no self at the center, no self as owner, and are not happening to a self. In other words, our familiar sense of self is an illusion. When there is full presence, a presence not filtered by thoughts, this illusion dissolves, freeing us to realize our true nature. This talk exploring the teachings of no-self, or emptiness, includes several reflections and practices that guide us in awakening to this essential and liberating truth.
Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC IMCW Wednesday Evening Talks
In collection: The Three Characteristics - part 3: No-Self

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