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The Invitation of Otherness (Autonomy, Eros, and Intentionality)
2019-06-01 The Invitation of Otherness (Autonomy, Eros, and Intentionality) 1:32:05
Rob Burbea
The talks in this series were recorded by Rob at his home. As well as addressing and inquiring into common Dharma themes such as emptiness, ethics, Awakening, and tradition, they attempt to clarify or explore further various aspects and implications of some of the Soulmaking Dharma teachings and practices, including their bearing on some of those common Dharma themes. PLEASE NOTE: Although not all of it, much of the material presented here will only be properly comprehended when there is already some basis of preparatory experience and understanding of Soulmaking Dharma, in addition to a good working familiarity with Insight Meditation.
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