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The Fires Of Passion
2003-01-01 The Fires Of Passion 1:12:51
Thanissaro Bhikkhu
Metta Forest Monastery
The Fires Of Passion: Anger 23:40
View anger in terms of its karmic consequences. This depersonalizes the anger, allowing you to step back from it and divide it into its component parts -- each of which is more manageable when taken on its own.
The Fires Of Passion: A Flammable Mind 11:58
The fires of passion, aversion and delusion can be ignited by the slightest spark. That's why restraint in our thoughts, words and deeds is so important in the practice.
The Fires Of Passion: Worlds In The Present 21:30
Whole worlds (other times, other places) blow through our bodies and minds in the present. If we can maintain our frame of reference consistently and not be carried off, we'll gain independence from the craving that gives force to these worlds in the here and now.
The Fires Of Passion: Pleasure & Pain 15:42
If we're honest with ourselves we begin to see how much we've been deluding ourselves, how much suffering we've been creating for ourselves by chasing after the very ephemeral taste of pleasure.

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