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Talk: Practicing with Views and Beliefs 1
2022-12-14 Talk: Practicing with Views and Beliefs 1 67:26
Donald Rothberg
Practicing with views, beliefs, opinions, and narratives is a central part of our practice (in relationship to ourselves, to others, and in the larger society and world) and was strongly emphasized in the teachings of the Buddha. In this talk, we explore how the Buddha taught on views, emphasizing four core teachings. We then inquire into what is particularly problematic in our relationship to views is the way that we potentially are reactive in relation to views--habitually grasping and pushing away with our views. We then suggest three foundational practices for working with views and beliefs. There is finally about a twenty-minute discussion period.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Monday and Wednesday Talks
Attached Files:
  • The Buddha on “Views: Four Texts by Donald Rothberg (PDF)

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