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2023-04-09 Q&A 41:41
Ajahn Sucitto
1. How do you handle fear and doubt? 13:27 2. Can you explain the difference between mental feeling and emotional feeling? 16:30 3. I experience angry and unproductive thoughts over damage caused by the neighbours over 15 years. What do you suggest? 26:55 4. I experienced bullying when I was at school and I picked up a habit of trying to sleep through my classes inform the connection between aversion and drowsiness. Can you offer some suggestions please? 31:58 5. My main practice is practicing metta. Is it important to develop my meditation and walking practice alongside metta? 40:18 6. There's a negative mind state that I thought I should investigate but seem to have no energy to do so. As I continued to practice the mind state disappeared. Is it still important to investigate in case this complete lack of purpose and meaning returns?
Vimutti Buddhist Monestary :  Vimutti Retreat

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