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2022-12-06 Q&A 57:57
Ajahn Amaro
Questions are précised - 00:15 Q1 How do we dislodge the idea of a self. Also you say there is an experience without an experiencer. Can you elaborate? 14:34 Q2 You spoke of Ajahn Mun’s teaching on the deathless dhamma. Could you speak to the idea of the subjectivity of the Buddha or even a “de-centered” subjectivity? 27:04 Q3 Could you say more about what stream entry is and its importance. 33:55 Q4 When sitting, how do we know we are anchored in our breath and when we can then shift and broaden our attention to other things? 35:15 Q5 I find walking meditation easier than sitting. Is this OK? 36:36 Q6 Has Buddha offered any view on the purpose of my life especially given its suffering? 42:00 Q7 How can we tell if our meditation tool is working and that we are progressing on the path? 52:22 Q8 Regarding concentration in meditation, is this the same thing that creative people use in their work?
Deer Park Institute :  Sakkāydițțhi — ‘Self-View’, the First Obstacle to Enlightenment

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