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Q&A with Ajahn Jivako
2022-12-09 Q&A with Ajahn Jivako 22:19
Ajahn Amaro
00:34 Q1 Can you give some examples of non-formal practice through the day. 06:23 Q2 What is helpful in practicing walking meditation? 11:40 Q3 Why do we practice walking when we have sitting meditation? 12:46 Q4 Why is it that the object of meditation has to be something of the body? Could it be a rock for example? 13:37 Q5 When I meditate I hear a loud inner sound, the breathing, heat beat and blood pumping and body movements. It’s difficult to concentrate on any one thing. 16:03 Q6 Is stream entry a deeper flow state or something completely different? 16:23 Q7 How can we differentiate between skilful and unskilful doubt. 19:00 Q8 In the guided meditation you led us inside where we were resting somewhere. Are there any creative techniques to access that? 20:21 Q9 When you asked us to look for the person /that who is aware. Commonly this is supposed to be usually in the head right? Can it be outside the body and are there ways to access that? 21:36 Q10 You mentioned you were from New Hampshire. Is that attached to Ajahn Amaro?
Deer Park Institute :  Sakkāydițțhi — ‘Self-View’, the First Obstacle to Enlightenment

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