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2022-12-09 Q&A 56:52
Ajahn Amaro
Questions are précised - 00:12 Q1 My practice of forgiveness turns into shame when I consider how I ever did that to that person. 08:58 Q2 I have had a health ailment for about a decade and there are moments of deep pain. I’ve gone past “Why me?” but I find I am very angry. I also find I easily dismiss other people’s pain. 20:51 Q3 Can you explain more about the difference between Dhammaniyāmatā and the Idappaccayatā? 29:27 Q4 What’s your view on euthanasia? Also – how can we plan to live in a commune rather than a hospice as we age? 40:05 Q5 What about organ donation? 43:40 Q6 What is euthanasia and what is taking active steps to expedite death? And what about people who decide not to continue treatment that prolongs life? 47:28 Q7 What about palliative care? 49:00 Q8 Are there any residential retreat places for parents with their children? I struggle with leaving my child alone and the problem of child care. 50:34 Q9 Regarding the old lady who came to Ajahn Chah for advice, [it seems like she was advised to practice] anatta. 55:34 Q10 That which is observing the five khandas, is that called dhamma itself?
Deer Park Institute :  Sakkāydițțhi — ‘Self-View’, the First Obstacle to Enlightenment

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