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The Gateways of Deliverance (on nimitta)
2023-07-18 The Gateways of Deliverance (on nimitta) 60:47
Akincano Marc Weber
Practicing with the characteristics – Differing temperaments and inclinatons, different axis of practice – Three Gateways of Liberation (vimokkha-dvāra / vimokkha-mukha). Usages of the term 'nimmita' in the suttas and their application – rather than the stock commentarial reference to the Visuddhimagga's understanding of the term. On the practice of 'neither dwelling on signs nor dwells on their details'. Practicing with anicca -> signlessness (animitta-v.) | Practicing with dukkha -> wishlessness (apaṇihita-v.) | Practicing with anattta -> suññata-v.
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