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Consistent Commitment increases Capability
2023-03-12 Consistent Commitment increases Capability 50:56
Ajahn Achalo
A dhamma talk and Q&A to a Canadian dhamma group in Toronto 12 March 2023. Questions are précised: 30:12 Q1 - We all often slip in the practice. What is the best way to get back into it? 34:18 Q2 - How can we maintain mindfulness when we don't accomplish what you set out to do? How can we not let that frustration set us further back? 41:15 Q3 - I've noticed a real cultural difference between the East and the West in the sense of guilt and shame. Can you comment? 45:31 Q4 - During meditation what should I do to control my thoughts? More on this group here:
Anandagiri Forest Monastery

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