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The greatest gift is the
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Upekkha - Abiding in Equanimity
2023-10-14 Upekkha - Abiding in Equanimity 37:17
Devon Hase
Teaching and guided meditation on the practice of equanimity. From Ruth King: ”Equanimity can feel internally like a great mountain, with the mind solid and stable, undisturbed by the changing seasons. Or it can be like the ocean, with the mind vast, deep, and immeasurable, undisturbed by whatever swims, floats, or is housed in its waters. Equanimity can be like a strong fire — roaring, engulfing, and transmuting, undisturbed by whatever is thrown into it. Or like immense space — open, allowing, and receiving, undisturbed by the objects that arise and pass away”
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Fall Insight 2023

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