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Q&A on Dependent Arising
2023-10-07 Q&A on Dependent Arising 58:58
Ajahn Sucitto
Questions are précised and read into the file: Q1 About this drip, drip, drip experience … can we moderate it? Can it be influenced by others? 01:46 Q2 When you were talking about vedena, you said things don’t come into existence without formulation. In that context it seemed like formulation was desirable. And yet when taking about consciousness it seemed like formulation was not desirable. 03:55 Q3 And probably, at least I sense that compassion has less clinging than indifference where there is less solidification which is a movement towards the skilful. 09:50 Q4 Earlier you were talking about the search or the wish for certainty. Today I got the impression that there is no life to have permanence and solidity is like a stone statue. The better alternative perhaps is managing and growing over the predictability of I don’t know what … of stone. 13:45 Q5 I’m remembering what you said about existence … out of mind out of sight. But are there times when holding someone in mind can feel comforting for them and for you. 21:20 Q6 I’m not clear about vidia,veda, vedana and how these relate to avicca. 30:04 Q7 I’m struggling with the distinction between sankaras and dhammas. 31:15 Q8 And would nimitas be related to that? 33:45 Q9 That makes sense but my mind wants to connect that process to sankara. 40:09 Q 10 My question is about movement or awareness or flow in emotion. You mentioned that QiGong has supported your practice. But is it not also a meditation itself - cultivating awareness, supporting presence.
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