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2023-12-10 Q&A 49:03
Ajahn Sucitto
00:00 Q1 When we're doing sitting meditation are we to be mindful of feelings inside the whole body as we breathe in and out? When anybody sensations or pain arises are we to contemplate them with loving kindness? 10:55 Q2 Is it okay to use the mantra Bhudo for sitting meditation? 11:58 Q3 Are there different realities of truth? For example historical, scientific, personal? Ultimate reality? Everything is what it should be, no good no bad. 17:07 Q4 How can the dhamma help two people in a relationship resolve an indiscretion of the moral code? How does the dhamma guide one to accept responsibility for actions that harm another? 20:23 Q5 Citta - is it a harmony between the brain and the heart? Does it include all levels of consciousness? 31:36 Q6 At the point of death what do we do when we're overwhelmed with pain? If the mind is too weak to maintain equanimity? What happens if one dies totally consumed by pain? 41:09 Q7 Could QiGong help me to be more balanced in body and mind?
Wongsanit Ashram, Thailand :  Finding Your True Ground - Awareness as a Refuge

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