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2024-01-02 Q&A 54:13
Ajahn Sucitto
Q1: Can you say more about the air and water elements. I am confused. 04:20 Q2 How can we observe our citta? I read there are 52 states of citta. Can you explain further? 10:43 Q3 I’m used to watching the breath as an object but with too many instructions I get distracted. What is your advice? 15:49 Q4 I’ve had pain for three years, back etc. It seems pain is teaching me about impermanence and uncontrolability. 25:55 Q5 You mentioned the sankhara get less as we cultivate wholesome deeds. What about wholesome sankhara? Can you expand please? 39:39 Q6 You said meditation can cause some people to go crazy. How do we prevent this? 42:06 Q7 Can you explain sati and sampajanna again please? 52:10 Q8 How to support a fortunate rebirth for my pet chicken?
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