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2024-01-06 Q&A 50:10
Ajahn Sucitto
Q1 In samadhi, kāyasankhāra unifies with cittasankhāra. In this state what does the citta feel like? 16:25 Q2 Having associated wanting with a negative connotation I have been habitually suppressing my wants/ desires so sometimes it is hard to know what I want when it comes to important decisions. 31:41 Q3 During meditation is it OK to let my body move back and forth as I feel being pulled by a subtle energy flow. 33:00 Q4 Regarding death practice, do you have any advice? 39:52 Q5 When one becomes too comfortable in walking it becomes monotonous and the mind becomes dull but that’s not what we want, right? Any suggestions? 43:07 Q6 How do we practice dhamma in our daily life, especially in a hectic environment?
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