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Dharma Talks
2014-08-30 05 Walking Meditation: Coming Out of Stuck States 38:53
Ajahn Sucitto
In walking meditation, mental patterns are bound to well up. If you don’t go into decisive action around them, they will fade. Give attention instead to the fluidity of the body while walking. Let things work themselves out; it’s not up to us to claim or reject. Come back to the here of breathing and body; realizations occur in that process.
Sunyata Buddhist Centre :  Unseating the Inner Tyrant

2014-08-24 Real Happiness: at Work and in Life: Afternoon Part I, Talk on Lovingkindness & Instructions on Metta Walking Meditation 27:24
Sharon Salzberg
True North Insight TNI Regular Talks

2014-05-16 Additional Meditation Instructions 1:16:00
Sayadaw Vivekananda
Details meditation instructions regarding sitting and walking pratice, interviews and attitudes to practice.
Insight Meditation Society - Forest Refuge May 15 - June 30, 2014 at IMS - Forest Refuge

2014-04-06 Reflection On Walking Meditation 27:18
Marcia Rose
Mountain Hermitage One Month Hermitage with Marcia Rose

2014-02-02 S.O.S. - Sitting on Sunday - 2/2/14 1:26:17
Gina Sharpe
These regularly scheduled mornings begin with a guided meditation, sometimes followed by standing or walking meditation. There is a Dharma talk and often a question and answer period where attendees can inquire about practice.
New York Insight Meditation Center NYI Regular Talks

2013-12-28 Walking Meditation Instruction 6:20
Tara Brach
Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC 2013 IMCW New Year's Retreat: Awakening the Heart of Compassion

2013-11-22 Questions & Answers: Grounded in the Body; Walking Meditation; Metta, Heedfulness, Stream Entry 64:18
Ajahn Sucitto
Insight Meditation Society - Forest Refuge November 9 to December 8 2013 at IMS - Forest Refuge

2013-09-01 Meditation Instructions on Sitting and Walking 57:36
Yanai Postelnik
This talk also includes Leela Sarti
Gaia House Embodying the Awakened Heart

2013-08-31 Meditation Instructions For Sitting and Walking 62:02
Leela Sarti
This talk also includes Yanai Postelnik
Gaia House Embodying the Awakened Heart

2013-07-06 Meditation Instructions (Sitting and Walking) 50:33
Leela Sarti
Gaia House The Liberating Intimacy of Being Who You Are

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