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Dharma Talks
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2022-09-20 Morning Instructions: Mindfulness of sensations in the body, with special attention to bodily pain. 60:24
Guy Armstrong
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center Three-Month Retreat - Part 1

2022-08-24 Awakening through Difficult Emotions: “The Poison is the Medicine” 48:41
Tara Brach
Most of us know the pain of getting stuck in fear, anxiety, anger or shame. This exploration looks at how the emotion that takes over, when we attend with mindfulness and care, can become a place of deep transformation and freedom. Included in the talk is a guided RAIN meditation.
Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC

2022-08-21 Dukkha Without Tanha: Integrating Buddhist Insights and Neuropsychology 1:32:03
Rick Hanson, William Edelglass
As the First Noble Truth, the Buddha pointed to dukkha: some experiences are painful; enjoyable experiences are impermanent; and all phenomena lack an enduring essence. Dukkha is routinely (mis)translated as “suffering” or “unsatisfactoriness” - but these are not inherent in it! The Buddha’s liberating teaching in his Second Noble Truth is that it is tanha - “craving” - which turns dukkha into suffering. Biologically, we crave when we feel something is missing or wrong. So, in this conversation with Rick Hanson, we'll explore how to build up a sense of fullness and balance that’s hardwired into the nervous system, and grow the inner strengths that can meet our needs without craving . . . and face the challenges of life with an unshakable core of contentment, love, and inner peace.
Barre Center for Buddhist Studies

2022-07-27 A Guided Meditation Cultivating Equanimity and Compassion 37:48
Donald Rothberg
After basic instructions in (1) settling and stabilizing attention, and (2) practicing mindfulness, there is 5-minute period of settling and stabilizing. Then there are several practice suggestions for cultivating equanimity, especially by noticing and exploring reactivity and any appearances of the "Eight Worldly Winds." After another 10 minutes or so, there is also guidance in two main ways of developing compassion, through opening in mindfulness to what is difficult or painful, and through a three-step self-compassion practice from Kristin Neff.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Monday and Wednesday Talks

2022-06-07 09 talk: Compassion 49:53
Jill Shepherd
Exploring compassion as support for relating skilfully to dukkha: pain, stress, distress, suffering
Southern Insight Meditation (Staveley Camp) Rest, renewal, resilience, release

2022-05-27 Integrating the Faculties with Meeting Painful Emotion 26:05
Laura Bridgman
We deepen our relationship with the Indriya’s qualities in our body, revealing our normal worldly patterns and finding our center. An experience of jealousy is described as an example.
Gaia House The Indriya: Allies for Liberation

2022-04-24 Tonglen Meditation 19:32
Amita Schmidt
Tonglen is a guided meditation of Tibetan origin that is a reparative response to pain. It is a meditation that actually helps create connection in the midst of suffering. Tenzin Choedrak, during his time of torture, made a daily dedication, "May some human greatness be accomplished through this suffering."
Clintonville Sangha Ohio

2022-04-17 Hauntingly Beautiful 20:10
Ayya Medhanandi
Where is safety in this world? As the Buddha taught: “Not apart from awakening and austerity, not apart from sense restraint, not apart from relinquishing everything do I see any safety for any living being”. So with unshakeable faith, not faltering in the face of difficulty or pain, we nurture heroic patience and compassion. Wisely probing and seeing the Noble Truths of suffering, its cause, its ending, and the way beyond suffering, we hasten to follow the Noble Eightfold Path into the stream and across – to our freedom
Toronto Theravada Buddhist Community (TBC)

2022-04-17 Invite the Miraculous 26:47
Ayya Medhanandi
In the face of horrific suffering, how can we abide in the ground of love, protected from every kind of pain? True path effort – inspired courage leaning on virtue – ardently works its way into the heart. Through the power of forgiveness, patient enough to love without blame, we touch the fount of compassion itself. We invite the miraculous.
Toronto Theravada Buddhist Community (TBC)

2022-04-13 Responding with Heart to Painful Times: A Conversation with Tara and Frank Ostaseski 1:14:16
Tara Brach, Frank Ostaseski
Our world is changing faster than we can compute or process. Accompanying these changes are a growing violence, deepening divides, great loss and much uncertainty and fear. In this week’s talk, I’m joined by Frank Ostaseski to explore teachings and practices that can support us in meeting our inner life and our world with kindness and awareness. Our time includes engagement with those present in a live event.
Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC 2022 IMCW Spring Retreat: Flexing the Five Strengths

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