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Dharma Talks
2020-08-23 Citta as Conjurer and Healer 38:56
  Ajahn Sucitto
We don’t so much experience phenomena, but the citta affected by phenomena. The sense of “I am” keeps us fascinated and hypnotized by the resulting feelings and reactions. The process of purification is to clear citta of defilements and hinderances. Cultivation of samadhi and suffusion of wholesome qualities are means for purification and healing.
Cittaviveka At Home with the Homeless: Ajahn Sucitto Locked Down

2020-08-23 17 talk: mindfulness of the body and impermanence 28:24
  Jill Shepherd
Returning to the First Noble Truth and the five clinging-aggregates, exploring clinging to the body as a source of dukkha and opening to impermanence as an antidote
Auckland Insight Meditation Finding the heart of freedom

2020-08-23 Wise And Wholesome Effort 66:05
  Zohar Lavie
Gaia House Online Dharma Hall - Aug 2020

2020-08-24 Monday Night Dharma Talk w/Q&A 1:24:57
  Jack Kornfield
Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2020-08-24 Appreciative Joy - Mudita 31:22
  Brian Lesage
This talk offers reflections on the practice of Appreciative Joy.
Flagstaff Insight Meditation Community FIMC Monday Night Talks

2020-08-24 25 talk: the two wings of Wisdom and Compassion 40:00
  Jill Shepherd
How insight and the brahmavihara practices of kindness, compassion, appreciative joy and equanimity mutually support and reinforce each other; includes an exploration of metta as an inquiry practice
Auckland Insight Meditation Finding the heart of freedom

2020-08-24 26 meditation: metta as an inquiry practice 13:47
  Jill Shepherd
Exploring metta as an inquiry practice, noticing the effects on the body, the heart and the mind as kindness is fully received
Auckland Insight Meditation Finding the heart of freedom

2020-08-25 30 instructions: the four brahmavihara and compassion practice 26:44
  Jill Shepherd
An overview of the four brahmavihara, and an introduction to compassion practice
Auckland Insight Meditation Finding the heart of freedom

2020-08-25 31 meditation: compassion practice 17:52
  Jill Shepherd
Beginning with compassion for a friend who's suffering, then oneself
Auckland Insight Meditation Finding the heart of freedom

2020-08-26 Deepening Our Practice in the Pandemic 5: The Foundations of Wise Speech 2: Empathy (continued) and the Buddha's Ethical Guidelines for Skillful Speech 1:11:13
  Donald Rothberg
After a brief review of the previous talks in this series, and a clarification of the different dimensions of our practice, we continue to explore the foundation given last time--empathy practice and the intention to understand and connect with another. We work with two brief exercises which point to ways of practicing empathy. Then we examine the four guidelines for wise or skillful speech given by the Buddha--for our speech and communication to be truthful, helpful, kind and loving (even when saying difficult things), and timely.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Monday and Wednesday Talks

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