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The greatest gift is the
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Dharma Talks
2021-11-08 Monday Night Dharma Talk - Climate Code Red: A Needed Shift to Meet These Times 57:47
Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2021-11-08 Week 4, Part 1 1:18:12
Juha Penttila
Moving Towards Analytical Practice
Gaia House Exploring Anatta (online series)

2021-11-08 Anicca: Practical Impermanence for Retreat Yogis 54:19
Matthew Hepburn
Impermanence as a lofty concept is a cause fro mental proliferation. Impermanence as a way to perceive every moment is the end of suffering.
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center Second 3-Week Insight Meditation Retreat

2021-11-08 Awakened Awareness 61:12
Devon Hase
A talk exploring the nature of the mind, including stories, comments on aspiration and compassion.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Settling, Seeing, and Luminous Awareness

2021-11-08 Week 4, Part 2 27:50
Juha Penttila
Moving Towards an Analytical Practice - a Guided Medtiation
Gaia House Exploring Anatta (online series)

2021-11-10 "May All Beings Be Peaceful & Happy & Come to the End of Suffering" 2:00:22
Sylvia Boorstein
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Monday and Wednesday Talks

2021-11-10 Doppelte Praxis ~ Einsicht verkörpern 52:21
Ayya Santacitta
Vortrag & Geführte Meditation
ÖBR Theravada Schule Wien

2021-11-10 Exploring Devotion 51:40
Yanai Postelnik
Gaia House November Solitary Retreat

2021-11-10 Mother Trees, Our Elders 43:25
Betsy Rose
The Buddha famously taught that the Sangha is the most important aspect of “the Holy Life”. And Indigenous wisdom (and recent biology) teach us that natural systems are also a sangha, a web of connection, kept healthy by reciprocity and generosity. Betsy reflects on the dharma of the “Mother Trees”, and how elders (and youth) feed the life of our human ecosystem.
Assaya Sangha

2021-11-10 Fear and Love 59:40
Tara Brach
Only when we face our fears can we discover the freedom to love without holding back. This talk looks at how unprocessed fear contracts our body, heart and mind, and on a societal level is the cause of othering and violence. We then explore how arousing mindfulness, compassion and prayer can enlarge our basic sense of Being. As we deepen attention to the nature of awareness, we discover a refuge that is timeless…a refuge that is our true home.
Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC

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