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Dharma Talks
2000-03-30 How Change Happens in Spiritual Life 60:18
Jack Kornfield

2000-03-30 What Brings Change on the Spiritual Path 60:25
Jack Kornfield

2000-03-29 Ryokan 51:05
Eugene Cash

2000-03-29 Opening To Dukkha Is Opening To Freedom 45:37
Narayan Helen Liebenson
The awareness of suffering is a way to let it go.
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

2000-03-28 Relationships As Path 57:22
Tara Brach
Delving into how our relationships are the ground of spiritual awakening.
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

2000-03-27 The Eightfold Path 4: Wise Action 39:28
Rodney Smith
Without the integrating the wise view into our actions, our path can remain very conceptual.
Seattle Insight Meditation Society

2000-03-26 Mudita: Sympathetic Joy 49:09
Marie Mannschatz

2000-03-24 Bodhisattva's Aspiration 63:04
Tara Brach
The Bodhisattva is resolved to realize non-separation and live from this truth. On this path, we widen the circle of compassion to include all of life.
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

2000-03-23 Death, Grief and Practice 29:17
Eugene Cash

2000-03-23 Losing It: How Being Humbled Can Lead To True Humility 56:49
James Baraz
The experience of seeing the confusion in our minds as well as its unskillful expression in words and actions can be very humbling. How can we use our mistakes to deepen our practice and turn them into a noble humility that deepens our understanding and enriches our spiritual life?
Insight Meditation Community of Berkeley

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