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The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Dharma Talks
1995-06-26 The Respect Of Sacred Attention 68:46
Jack Kornfield
Developing a sacred presence wherever you are.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center

1995-06-17 Introduction To Vipassana-Planting The Seeds Of Awakening 52:34
Michele McDonald
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center 2 Day Vipassana Weekend

1995-06-16 Point Of Intersection Of Timeless With Time 59:37
Ajahn Sumedho
"pure presence is ever-transcending"

1995-06-15 Attainment Vs Letting Go 1:18:46
Ajahn Sumedho
avoiding the conceit of bending life towards one particular view

1995-06-15 12 Aspects Of 4 Noble Truths & 8 Fold Path 1:12:22
Ajahn Sumedho
the reflective teachings

1995-06-14 Q&A Part 1 1:30:35
Sayadaw U Pandita
Lost Valley Event Center

1995-06-14 Q&A Part 2 45:10
Sayadaw U Pandita
Lost Valley Event Center

1995-06-14 Confidence Not To Believe In Negative Moods 1:33:43
Ajahn Sumedho
open doubting
Cloud Mountain Retreat Center

1995-06-13 The Progress of Insight Part 2 17:38
Sayadaw U Pandita
Lost Valley Event Center

1995-06-13 The Progress of Insight Part 1 1:30:05
Sayadaw U Pandita
Lost Valley Event Center

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