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Dharma Talks
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2019-08-16 Harnessing Our Energy to Meet the Moment 28:42
  Ayya Santacitta
Mountain Stream Meditation Center

2019-08-16 Informed by Experience 36:40
  Ayya Santacitta
Guided Meditation
Mountain Stream Meditation Center

2019-08-16 Day 4 Morning Guided Sit (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 54:30
  JoAnna Hardy
Open Awareness - Last Day Retreat
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Insight & Loving Kindness

2019-08-15 The Truth of Suffering 56:32
  Kate Munding
This week will conclude my series on the Three Truths of Existence, aka The Three Characteristics. So far we've explored the truth of impermanence and what it would be like to fully live from the understanding that all of nature, including us, is in constant flux. The last time I was there, we explored the second truth, not-self. We unpacked it's meaning and talked about how it fits with this spiritual path, as well as how it can inspire us in our day-to-day. This week we'll continue the conversation by including the third truth, the truth of suffering. This will be a pointing out teaching to better understand how we feed our cycles of stress, unsatisfactoriness, and unhappiness. We'll also look at how we can untangle and even uproot the habits and patterns in our mind that support such unhappy living and nurture a more wise and peaceful way of being.
Insight Meditation Community of Berkeley IMCB Regular Talks

2019-08-15 Attention, Wisdom, Grief and Love (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 50:50
  Matthew Brensilver
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Insight & Loving Kindness

2019-08-14 Right Intention 59:36
  Yuka Nakamura
The Buddha emphasized intention as the key to happiness and peace. However, often we are not aware of the intentions behind our choices and actions. Based on the Dvedhāvitakka Sutta the talks discusses the unwholesome intentions of sensual desire, ill will and cruelty and the wholesome intentions of renunciation, lovingkindness and compassion. It also discusses central aspects of mental cultivation.
Meditationszentrum Beatenberg 14 day Karuna and Vipassana Meditation Retreat

2019-08-14 Day 2 Guided Metta (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 40:08
  Vinny Ferraro
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Insight & Loving Kindness

2019-08-14 Practicing with Conflict 1 67:15
  Donald Rothberg
The world deeply needs a culture of skillful conflict transformation, informed by dharma practice. In such a culture, we would have individuals who combine inner capacities such as mindfulness, skill with difficult emotions, empathy and compassion, and equanimity, with perspectives on how to work with conflicts, whether inner, interpersonal, or social. In this talk, we look at some of the prevalent social conditioning around being with conflict, including tendencies to avoid conflict or act out when there are conflicts, and widespread tendencies to see conflicts dualistically and to project negative aspects onto “opponents.” In this context, Donald presents some images and reflections from his just-completed time of teaching and traveling for 3 1/2 weeks in Israel and the West Bank. He then focuses on some of the inner capacities important for being skillful with conflict, next time examining some of the perspectives on conflict that have come out of the fields of mediation, negotiation, and conflict transformation. There is also a time of discussion.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Monday and Wednesday Talks

2019-08-13 Day 1 Morning Guided Sit (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 60:46
  JoAnna Hardy
Day one of retreat - landing in the breath and body
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Insight & Loving Kindness

2019-08-12 Understanding Impermanence - Week 8 - Talk 56:40
  Mark Nunberg
Common Ground Meditation Center Buddhist Studies Course - Understanding Impermanence

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